Welcome to Collaborators

Dear Friend and Collaborator,

Welcome to the One World School. We are so happy to welcome you to our growing family. We are in the early stages of the development of the school but the project is already up and running. We are expanding and offering new classes, materials, and resources and we are confident that your input and efforts will help us reach more children around the world.

Local Baha’i children’s classes are an important part of Baha’i community life. In the larger communities nascent schools have been created to educate school age children in the fundamental verities of the faith, to foster the acquisition of virtues and the development of noble characters, and to advance the institute process.

What is the One World School?

We are a diverse group of students, parents, and teachers who are passionately determined and joyfully offer our services to:

·         Support Baha’i community schools

·         Help isolated individuals who are, or would like to teach Baha’i children’s classes

·         Take free online classes

·         Empower teachers to bring children’s classes into neighborhoods.

The One World School is a web-based platform which is used by teachers, parents, and students to access a diverse body of educational information, download it, and print it as needed. The school also offers age-appropriate courses on Baha’i-related themes and subjects.

We are not permitted to create online courses using the Ruhi material. We provide supporting courses, resources, and supplemental materials to aid in the teaching and learning of the Ruhi content.

We use three free, open source platforms: moodle, wordpress, and mahara. The project is an individual initiative and we host and financially support it.

Supporting Teachers, Parents, and Students

Our goal is to provide supplemental educational materials, resources, and support to Baha’i community schools, teachers, parents, students and others interested in the spiritual education of children. All of our children’s content can be used online or downloaded and printed free of charge.

Approved educational content is available directly from the Ruhi Institute which offers a sequence of courses designed for elementary and middle school age children. A deep, rich, and very well organized source of material is available online in the Core Curriculum, which at this time is only used for supplemental material to the Ruhi classes. Other sources offer free educational materials as well. You can find a large and diverse body of relevant material in our school, and new materials are being added all the time.

Online Courses and Classes

We offer a growing list of online children’s lessons, especially for those who are isolated and do not have the option of attending sanctioned classes in official settings. Online classes don’t have to be used as presented on our site. They can be adapted and improved for local use as needed.

The One World School website is up and running but it is not open to the public yet. We’ve made a lot of progress but there is still much to do. Courses and supporting material are being produced for infants, toddlers, pre-kindergarteners through junior youth.

We use an adaptive learning cycle and competency frameworks for these courses. For maximum credibility and efficacy we attempt to have all of our work reviewed and vetted by professional teachers and experts in other fields.

Partnering with Local Baha’i Communities

We hope to work closely with communities that offer local children’s classes as well as teachers, parents, and others with an interest in the spiritual education of children. Since course content is same around the world (Ruhi), it will be easy to copy and edit existing courses for use in specific community schools. Our system is robust so we can host many small schools. We are currently working with the Day Star School in Bellevue, WA.

Neighborhood Classes

In every neighborhood we find hosts of children all of whom thirst to learn how to cultivate virtue and develop noble characters. Parents, for the most part, do not know how, and schools are not empowered to do so.

Please Tell Others

We are reaching out to the world and asking for help to build this world-embracing school. We are very flexible and open to consultation about virtually everything done to date and everything planned for the future.

We are willing to work with people who have only a small amount of time to contribute and we are happy to reach out to potential non-Baha’i sources of help. Our needs are diverse. They include but are not limited to:

·         Creating and teaching courses and classes

·         Writing lesson plans (modified 5E format)

·         Developing adaptive learning lessons aligned with relevant competency frameworks

·         Creating a teacher training program

·         Developing a social media presence

·         Presenting at a variety of Baha’i related venues

·         Developing original artistic, musical, and theatrical works

If you have other skills you think might be helpful, please contact us. We are always looking to work with passionate people, so even if you don’t have relevant skills we are willing to train you (for free).

Please tell others about volunteer opportunities with the One World School. Volunteers who have access to the internet are welcome to apply, and students can apply for internships.

Adult Courses

We will be offering adult classes in the future. All children’s courses are free but some adult courses may require tuition. If you are interested in creating a course or a certificate program, please contact us.

What kind of adult courses are we looking for? Any subject in accord with Baha’i principles is welcome. We are particularly interested in courses that combine a practical approach to living based on universal spiritual principles. Contact us and we’ll guide you through the steps to prepare a course proposal.

Free Training

We will provide online tutorials and personal training when possible for people who want to learn how to create and/or teach online courses, edit them, or get involved in other ways such as social media networking, video production of educational content, website development, administration, and fundraising.

Ongoing Support

Once you get going you will no doubt have questions. We will be there to answer them. We will be there to help you. We provide ongoing support to all our teachers, parents, and students. Support comes in various forms: phone, text, email, and forums.

The school has a problem or issue reporting system. It is easy to use and once a problem is entered it is prioritized and addressed as required. The reporting system is an excellent tool to help us flag down problems and handle urgent issues as they arise. We encourage you to use it when needed.

Continuous Quality Improvement

As part of our ongoing effort to improve service to our students, teachers, staff, and parents we do an annual review of all aspects of our operations, including the school pedagogy and the courses we offer, our service response time and the quality of that service, the performance of our hardware, software, and the vendors we work with.

We use feedback from our support system to improve operations and course content. When an issue is brought to our attention we address it as soon as possible. If the issue cannot be successfully addressed immediately, we include it in our planning process. We follow a disciplined approach to problem resolution and improvements, prioritizing important issues and implementing our long-term goals and objectives.

Putting it All Together

We are not competing with public schools. They have a weighty responsibility and operate under increasingly difficult conditions. Widespread public education is one of the pillars of an ever-advancing world civilization and it must be supported and improved.

We are not competing with for-profit schools or charter schools. They have a niche to fill, a role to play. We are not competing with religious schools. All people should be free to worship the One True God in their own way. We support that right.

Our ultimate goal is to provide children with a free online educational alternative that is world-embracing, rooted in spiritual principles and universal values, and respectful of traditional wisdom but anchored in modern science. It is not intended to replace face-to-face education. It is a supplement to it.

The One World School is an ideal. It is based on the premise that everyone has a natural right to have access to life-long education based on spiritual principles, universal values, and modern science.

From that ideal the One World School has evolved. Being internet-based makes the school available around the planet, subject only to internet access and translation into local languages. The school is in the early stages of development so there is a tremendous opportunity for teachers and other interested individuals to make real contributions to the growing curriculum.

The One World School may take a generation or more to complete but the need is now and the resources are available. You can be a part of this growing project. You can help make it happen. Please join us.


Last modified: Saturday, 22 June 2019, 7:14 AM