Toddler Virtues. A-Z Glossary.

The Toddler Virtue Glossary consists of short, simple descriptions and examples for 26 important virtues. They are written simply but toddlers have a limited vocabulary. Teacher must take the time to explain and illustrate these concepts in ways that toddlers will understand. Examples and role playing are a great way to do this. A pdf of these definitions can be found in the Toddler Resources folder.

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Action is doing something. You can do something physical like playing with your toys. You can also do things that are spiritual, like praying and helping other people.


“I kicked the ball.”

“I cleaned my room.”

“I said a prayer.”

“I helped my brother get dressed.”

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Beauty gives us pleasure, appreciation, and fulfillment. A beautiful thing could be a person, nature, a material object, a feeling, a thought or an idea, a spiritual truth, or attribute of God, such as a virtue.

Beauty is a lovely person or thing.

Beauty touches the heart and mind. It enlightens the soul and stirs the spirit.


She has beautiful hair.

That is a beautiful painting.

The beauty of that prayer makes my heart happy.

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Caring is a feeling of interest or concern.

Example: We care what happens to you.

Caring is to give care.

Example: We care for the sick.

Caring is to have a liking or a desire.

Example: Would you care for some pie?

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Devotion is a strong religious feeling or a religious exercise or practice.

Example: We say prayers to come closer to God.

Devotion is the act or the quality of being devoted.

Example: Devotion is strong love, affection, or dedication.

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Effort is hard work of mind or body.

Example: Effort requires time and effort.

Effort is a serious attempt.

Example: She made a good effort.

Effort is something produced by work.

Example: This painting was one of my best efforts.

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Forgiveness is the act of forgiving. If someone hurts or upsets you, you may be angry or frustrated with that person. To forgive that person means you stop being angry at them.

Example: I forgive you for hitting me.

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Generosity is the act of giving without regard to favor or reward. You can give something like a toy or you can give your love.


Giving food to that animal was very generous.

I love her so much for being kind.

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Helpfulness is the act of giving aid, support, or encouragement. To help people means you are making their life better.


Putting your toys away is helpful.

Thank you for listening to me. Your help is appreciated.

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Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching.

Example: The gate was open. The baby could fall down the stairs. I closed the gate so the baby would be safe.

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Joy is a "feeling of great pleasure or happiness that comes from success, good fortune, or a sense of well-being." We feel joy in our heart when we feel closer to God, and often when we help other people.


Playing together makes me so, so, so happy.

Saying prayers with mama at bedtime makes me feel of happy and loved.

This is such a joyous occasion. Getting together with all my friends is great.

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