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Welcome to the One World School

Welcome to the One World School

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Welcome to the One World School. The school is currently being developed. Please see our Vision and Mission statements to get an idea of the intended audience, scope, and philosophical direction of the project.

Nothing in the project has been finalized. Everything is open to consultation. We are looking for volunteer teachers, artists, musicians, administrators, and technical people to help accelerate the development of the school.

The software used for the school and supporting websites is open source, meaning free to all to use and modify, which means that continued improvements at many levels can be expected in the future. The One World School is being developed on a platform called Moodle. It is the best free, open source learning management system available and it will provide an excellent path for growth as the school expands. Moodle is basically run by the teachers on behalf of the students with help from the parents.

Another platform we use is called Mahara. It is an excellent open source platform for portfolio management. If moodle is run by teachers, mahara is run by students. It is a public or private central location for students to demonstrate learning progress and highlights the development of skills and services over time. It is seamlessly linked to our moodle or it can be accessed directly. It is called Brighter Bubbles.

A third platform we use is called Wordpress. It is the largest and most successful open source blogging platform in the world today. About a third of all websites in the world are built with wordpress. It is easy to learn but has great depth and width if additional functionality is needed. We use wordpress as the frontend, or public-facing entrance into the One World campus of websites. It is called the Open Bubble.

If you are interested in helping us develop a universal school based on spiritual values, scientific truth, community development, and justice for all, please contact us. We will be happy to share more and listen to your desires, needs, and goals. Maybe we can walk this path of service to humanity together!