The Neighborhood Spiritual Empowerment program is a community development and social justice initiative. It is designed to empower people living in small communities and neighborhoods to begin or continue the process of transforming and enriching every aspect of their lives and relationships, their homes and their work places, their community spaces and natural habits.

For far too long we have centered our lives on partisan politics, crass materialism, and selfishness. Everyone can see the consequences in our lives, in our relationships, in our work, in every aspect of our lives. Some people cling to fanatical religious or myopic secular philosophies. Some people just tune out and turn away, while others strike out in anger, fear, and pain.

It’s time to stop all that before it’s too late. For many people it’s too late already. With your help we can turn things around. With your goodwill we can calm some of the storms that rage all around us. There are many fine people working on specific tasks and others who work for the greater good. 

If we come together we will outnumber the monsters and the sleepers. We will help them turn their lives around and help them wake up to see with their own eyes and it will be done by our actions, working together, not by words or money.